Kinesiology has changed my life.
For years I suffered with a pain on my right side - sometimes like a stitch, sometimes just a bit niggly and at other times
agony. Usually this was accompanied by bowel problems. I had various hospital tests but they never got to the bottom of
my problems. Barbara quickly told me my food sensitivities and gave me advice on what I needed to take to heal my body. Most importantly she did a correction for my ICV which was the cause of my pain. Initially I needed this done every few
weeks by Barbara but as my body adapted she showed me how to hold the ICV myself for relief when needed. I now only attend for 'MOT' appointments as I have no pain and my quality of life has improved so much I want to stay like this.
Helen - Age 47. Coleraine

I started having Kinesiology because I felt tired all the time and suffered from IBS. After one appointment I knew to avoid wheat and take certain supplements. Within days I felt better and after a few weeks the improvements were significant.
I now have no gut problems, I sleep better and feel great.
Louise - Age 41. Ballyclare

I had digestive problems for years with various symptoms just getting worse over time. I was taking prescription and over
the counter medications to manage my indigestion and constipation when I decided to try something different.
Barbara always explained why I needed to take any supplements she advised and also the benefits. I find her extremely interesting and informative, and always left feeling listened to and empowered to make changes to improve my health.
Staying off a food isn't easy at the start but the results within days made me determined to keep going.
Tom - Age 51. Coleraine

When my cat died I was a wreck. I had used BACH Flower Rescue remedy but wasn't moving on from my grief. I had an emotional balance with Barbara followed by 3 different blends of Bach remedies which supported me and changed according
to my needs over the following few weeks. I love the BACH remedies and pop in with Barbara to get a little bottle made up
to help me cope when life upsets me.
Alison - Age 59. Ballymoney

Thank you so much for discovering my daughter had picked up a parasite while abroad. She had been suffering various gut problems for months which were getting increasingly worse. Within weeks of taking your recommended supplements her digestive system is totally back to normal.
Brian - Limavady.

I have been having Kinesiology with Barbara for over 5 years now. When we first met I was tired all the time and had digestive problems, headaches
bad skin and felt very stressed. I probably went every 3 months for about the first year and now only go once or twice a year for an MOT appointment
to keep on top of any changes in my body. Now that I have changed my diet (eating wheat free) and healed my leaky gut I am much more aware of
my body and health and I feel so much better.
Catherine - Age 45. Coleraine

My 8 month old daughter had screamed every night since birth and was on medication for constipation which I was very concerned about. Barbara
was recommended to me by another friend who had great results after taking her children so I took a chance on 'something different' and can only
say now that although I was very sceptical it was the best thing I could have done. Within days my little girl was brighter, happier and sleeping well.
Initially we had to remove wheat and dairy from her diet and give the right probiotics. Now she can tolerate some dairy but I am happy to keep her
diet wheat free. I am so grateful to Barbara for helping my daughter and for my husband and I sleeping well again!
Fiona - Age 26. Ballycastle